Masks and More

Masks and More

Faces - and exhibition of masks by Alaeldin Elgizouli

There is very little more frustrating than thinking about things creative and not being able to actually try them out! Working in Sudan is more than a full time job - and although I do get breaks at home in Covas, I usually find that I am badly in need of doing very little for a week or so - by then it is already time to head back to Sudan! I promise myself endlessly that I will get into my workshop - but rarely do I manage.

One of the pleasures of being in Khartoum is to look at what other people are doing creatively and there is quite a vibrant arts scene (although I am yet to find another wood turner!). If anyone wants to check out exactly what is going on, you should look up the Sudan Artists Gallery, where there is a list of artists working in different media, with links to many sites.

I was recently at my favourite restaurant and they have regular shows - this one was wonderful - “Faces” by Alaeldin Elgizouli and I thought that I would post a few photographs of his work.


He works in mixed media and although he is a painter, he is also a mask maker and puppet maker.  He worked as a lecturer at the University of Khartoum -  in the faculty of applied arts and also at the Khartoum College of Applied Art. If you are interested in contacting him, you can send Alaeldin Elgizouli an email.